Final Summary!

The Final Story About Spongebob Squarepants:

So for the final project, we had to create a story based on pretty much any character we wanted to and we had to incorporate different types of media into the story. The process creating my story was not too difficult but it did take some time to create the whole thing. The most difficult part was creating the story line, once I had that figured it out creating the types of media was easy. For my story I chose to do it on a crazy adventure that Spongebob Squarepants faces. In this story I really tried to go crazy with it, in my story I try to create so many ups and downs in it. I added a Disney villain that I don’t think people will see coming, but it makes sense with the story considering where they both live. I also did not make my story have a happy ending, there is a plot twist at the end. Overall, this was a fun assignment that really allows us to have the freedom of incorporating our own media to this story. Overall, I am very pleased with the story and the media aspects in it and how it turned out and I feel people will enjoy it.

Media Part 1:

For the first media aspect in my story I created a sound effect story (3.5 Stars) of Spongebob getting ready in the morning for work. I was able to get all of my sound effects off of YouTube and I downloaded them and used Audacity. I am very familiar with this software and so it was very easy to put all of the sound effects together. I was able to cut out all of the sounds that I didn’t want. Creating this soundtrack was easy and fun to create, especially for Spongebob.



Media Part 2:

The next media assignment that I created for this story was a 5 second film (4.5 Stars). For the 5 second film I add clips from both Spongebob and The Little Mermaid to get the clips that I needed to put this film together. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to put these scenes together. I was able to find all the scenes on YouTube, and i just downloaded them and cut out all of the pieces I didn’t need. This was very easy to create and didn’t take too much time to put together. I used this aspect of the media to visually show what I was saying in my story. I think this was a great visual aspect the summarize part of the story.


Media Part 3:

For the third media aspect I created a gif of spongebob walking with friends to show that part of the story. I used a software called MakeAGif. This an assignment that we did in the first two weeks, and I thought it was a great media aspect to show what I needed to show. It was very simple I took the video I needed and use the software and cut out the video I didn’t need. It was very simple to create and it fits in well with the story.

Media Part 4:

For the last media part I created a promotional poster (3 Stars).  I changed the assignment up a bit, instead of creating the poster for a movie, I used it to promote the Krabby Patty. I was really simple to make this visual. I used a poster template on Microsoft Word, it was fairly simple to understand how it works. This last visual really helped me finish out the story and show what had happened at the end. I really like how this turned out and I think this one and all the other ones really help tell this final story.


Overall, this has been such a great class and I have so learned so much these past 16 weeks about what digital storytelling truly is. Going into this class I thought I knew what storytelling was, but just going through all these assignments I was able to learn something new about it every week. Even though there were sometimes that I would get very frustrated with the assignments, after completing them I felt a sense of accomplishment. This class really taught me about the different types of software that is out there for an average person to use in order to tell their story. Even with the difficulties I really enjoyed working on these assignments and learning about the true meaning of digital storytelling.


Spongebob’s Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality!

Recently at The Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs has been hinting at a promotion that is coming up that is between Spongebob and Squidward. Then one day after work, Mr. Krabs called Spongebob and Squidward into his office and told him that he will be making his decision on who gets the promotion to Assistant Manager tomorrow. Squidward as always looked half interested, where Spongebob’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. That night all Spongebob did was think about the promotion and he couldn’t even sleep that night.

That morning Spongebob woke up, and it was the most exciting moment of his life. He went through he morning routine, but with a lot more excitement this morning. He knew that he could potentially be Assistant Manager of The Krusty Krab.

Little did Spongebob know that rumors have been spreading across the sea of an amazing sponge that makes the best burger patties in all of the ocean. Everyone was hearing about Spongebob’s ability to make an amazing Krabby Patty. One sea creature in particular heard about this, her name was Ursula. She the most dangerous villain under the sea. She was curious about Spongebob and wanted to meet him and see what all these rumors were about.


Ursula decided to create a plan to kidnap Spongebob. She sent her two eels Flotsam and Jetsam out to go find this sponge and bring him back to her. That morning Spongebob was happily walking to the Krusty Krab, excited thinking that he was about to receive the promotion. While on his way, he was spotted by the two eels. Flotsam and Jetsam swam up behind Spongebob and electrocuted him enough to keep him unconscious then, they put him in a bag and brought him back to Ursula.

When Spongebob awakened he was confused but excited to meet Ursula, but he did not have any idea of who she was. When Ursula asked him to make her one of his famous Krabby Patties, he was thrilled too. Spongebob completely forgot he was missing work, he was just happy to make someone a Krabby Patty. After she tasted it, the rumors were verified, it was the best meal she has ever had. Instead of letting him go back to bikini bottom, she decided that she was going to keep him against his will as her personal chef. Spongebob did not like that but he did not have a choice, he was held captive by Ursula, and for the next few days he was making Krabby Patties for Ursula all day long. Little did he know that while that was going on, The Krusty Krab was in trouble. Since Spongebob was not there, no one was able to make Krabby Patties. Customers got restless that they couldn’t have the best item on the menu, so they destroyed the Krusty Krab and burnt it to the ground.


After a couple days, Spongebob was able to find his way out. Ursula and her two eels had a huge Krabby Patty feast, they were so tired from all of the eating done that they all took naps forgetting that Spongebob was in the kitchen. He took advantage of the situation and escaped from Ursula’s cave. After escaping, Spongebob was lost and did not know how to get back to Bikini Bottom. Luckily, he ran into some monster friends of his from when he went to retrieve the crown from King Neptune. Patrick was with the monsters as well, Patrick got worried that he had not seen Spongebob in a while and went searching for him. Patrick met up with the monsters to see if they had seen him recently. Spongebob told his friends what happen and they gladly protected him and escorted him back to Bikini Bottom along with Patrick.

Spongebob Escorted Home

After returning home, Spongebob rushed over to The Krusty Krab, He saw what had happen to it, and was devastated. Mr. Krabs was depressed and went into hiding, while Squidward took at job at the local theater. Spongebob was also worried because he did not have a job to help pay the bills on his Pineapple house. Spongebob was desperate to keep his house, and in his desperation he took a job with Plankton at the Chum Bucket. Plankton took the Krabby Patty and change the name and sent out flyers to all of Bikini Bottom. The Chum Bucket became the most popular restaurant in all of Bikini Bottom, and was a success. Even with its success Spongebob was living his worst nightmare, working for the Chum Bucket.


chum bucket


Weekly Summaries 13 & 14

These past two weeks really taught me about remixes and mashups. I was very familiar with what a remix was before these assignments, but only when it came to music and movies. However, these past two weeks have taught that pretty much anything digital can be remade and almost everything in our society can have a remix. Whether it be for storytelling such as the web or videos, or it can be for products that are sold to customers such as chairs, cars, and etc. But these assignments have taught me the different ways you can remix an original assignment and even other things that I never knew could be remixed such as web pages. I was not as familiar with mashups as I was with remixes, but doing these assignments taught me what mashups were and how effective they are at entertaining people or telling them a story. These past two weeks have been challenging in some aspects but they have been a great teaching tool as well.

What is Remix?

In this assignment we had to analyze examples of remixes and mashups and create a video or audio with someone else and explain what each of them are. I create an audio track with my little sister, and we had a discussion about them. I am very familiar with what a remix is especially when it comes to music and the remake of movies. I have listen to so many songs that are remixes off of the original and I have seen so many remakes of movies. Remixes and mashups are just another form of storytelling that are more unique compared to the main ones we are us too. Instead of creating or producing an original, you are combing or making significant changes to original works in order to tell a story. I think remixes are good, in the fact that it doesn’t make you start over with your work, it allows you to use someone else’s work and personalize it in order to tell you story, and these changes show very significant differences from the original one while paying respect to the people who made it before you.



Remixing A DS106 Assignment:

In this assignment, we had to take an original assignment and remix it with one of the 28 remix cards. After a few refreshes I finally got a remixing assignment that I was able to do. I had to take the original assignment of telling taking emojis and finding actual photos that matched them and also tell a mini story with the emojis as well. After completing the assignment for my remix card I had to add mustaches to all of the pictures. Overall, this was not a difficult assignment except for trying to crop the mustaches onto the original pictures. The story I was trying to tell with the emojis is when you are surprised with your first puppy or any kind of pet. This assignment really brought back great memories of when we got our first dog and the joy it brought to everyone. Even though he past away, I still hold on to the great times we had together and the first time when I saw him was one of them.

Remixing Using Popcorn:

For this assignment we had to remix an assignment using a software called Mozilla Popcorn Maker. We had to use the software to remix a video of where Alan should go on vacation. I found this to be the most difficult and most frustrating assignment of all of them this week. It really took me a long time to understand how the Popcorn software works but once I finally got a hold of the tools, it became a little easier to remix the video. As for the video itself I wanted to try to make it funny with the images I used. As for the music I tried to pick a old school song that I think most people would recognize and I also picked a very popular vacation spot as well in Paris, France. Overall, this was challenging but it did teach me about another tool that I can use to help create digital stories.

Mashup Assignments:

Music Mash:

In this assignment we had to mash together different music clips and sound effects. This assignment was not too difficult since I know how to use Audacity now. I took some songs from AC/DC and combined them with some popular songs from today. I didn’t want to overlap them because I did not think they sounded as good, but I did line them up with the lyrics used in the songs which I think sounds better. I did add a couple sound effects such as a gun being shot and a motorcycle engine. I did overlap those with the music being played. I really wanted to create something that was uptempo and interesting to listen too, and I think I was able to create that with this audio track.

Tutorial for this Assignment:

At the end of the same blog I also gave my Tutorial on how to do this assignment. I broke up the assignment into 4 step process with very detailed instructions on how to create the assignment and how Audacity works. along with the steps I added photos for certain aspects of the project just to help give people visual directions as well.

10 Second Mashup of My Favorite Songs:

For this assignment we had to create a 10 second audio track of four or five songs either our favorite songs or from our favorite artists. For me I picked four of my favorite songs of all time. Part of the assignment was to make it a guessing game with the songs we chose, so I tried to pick segments of each song that were popular and would make it easier for people to guess what songs they were. The process to create this was fairly simple all I did was take the 4 songs and put them into Audacity. Then from there I just edited and cut out all the parts of the songs I didn’t need. This was a really fun assignment, I love listening to all kinds of music and this assignment allowed me to show some of the different types I listen too.

Actor Transformation:

In this assignment we had to show the transformation of an actor or actress through their different movie scenes. The process to create this was pretty simple, I used Windows Live Movie Maker. I was able to find all of the movie scenes I wanted off of YouTube and then add them into Movie Maker. Then I cut out and trimmed the parts I didn’t want and put the movie scenes together. The actor I chose was Shia LaBeouf, as a kid I grew up watching his work in “Even Stevens” on the Disney Channel and his movie Holes. As I got older, he began to get into more action-packed roles which were really entertaining to watch. With this assignment I think I was able to capture his growth as an actor and person, as well as showing his qualities that make people love to watch his movies.

Created Assignments:

This week I created two assignments. Since I did not create one a couple of weeks ago when we were assigned too, I decided to create an extra one this week in order to make up for it.

Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel:

The first assignment I created this week was a video assignment. In my assignment you have to create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of one of your favorite actor or actress’s best movie scenes to you. I gave this assignment 3 stars because I felt it was in the middle, for someone who has experience with video software they could easily create this assignment, where as someone who has never used software like this before could have some trouble with making this highlight reel. I did do this assignment myself I created mine on Gerard Butler. The process for me was pretty easy since I am very familiar with Movie Maker now. Gerard Butler is a very talented actor who can play a wide-range of roles in movies. In this highlight reel that is what I tried to capture with all of the movie scenes I chose. I think this assignment is something students could use to help them learn about storytelling and using the tools, and it will not stressed them out to much while they are going through the process of creating it.

Comparing the Past to the Present:

The second assignment I created this weeks was a visual assignment where students compare two photos that are similar together. The assignment requires a student to take two photos one of their parents and one of themselves or a sibling that are posing the same way and when they were around the same age. I gave it a 2 star rating because the assignment is fairly easy but it does require some use of software to put the photos together. I did the comparison of my sister Merritt and my mom when they were 3 years old. My mother loves to have my sisters pose the same way when she was a child and many of them are hanging up in the house. I thought this assignment would allow students tell a story about them and their parents using visual aspects.











What is Remix?

For this assignment we had to create and audio track or video, of a discussion between us and someone else talking about what a remix and mashups are. I decided to do an audio track and I was able to convince my little sister Alexi to have a conversation with me about the topic. She did not want to be on a video so I decided to make an audio track instead. I recorded our conversation using Audacity and from there I was able to save it and upload it to Soundcloud.

A remix is a very common word in today’s society especially in music. You see all types of songs now a days that are remixed by tons of different artists. Some sites you can go to and see one song that has been remixed about five times by different musicians. Sometimes the remix is even more popular than the original work. Most recently you are starting to see remakes of movies, that have their own style different from the original movie. Planet of the Apes and Star Wars two movie franchises that make me think of the word remix. When the original movies came out they were very popular, and recently remakes of these movies have come out that are very popular today. To me personally I don’t have a problem with remixes as long as you are adding a significant change to the original piece of work that is notably different from the original. I think remixes or remakes can benefit society, for example the first chair ever created, the chair has had many changes whether it was adding or taking something from it in order to improve it. Another would be cars, they have been remade over and over again to not only make them more efficient but much safer as well.

One example I watched was the video of Star Wars Call Me Maybe, I think this is not only a great example of a remix but a mashup as well. This has a remix aspect of it in the fact that it is using the same lyrics, but in a much different way than the original video. It also is a mashup by taking different scenes from all of the Star Wars movies and mash them together in order to create the video. Mashups are less common in certain areas of of digital storytelling but one area you see them a lot is videos. YouTube has millions of mashup videos that are taking original videos and putting them together to create something new. Remixes and mashups are just another way of digital storytelling that is very unique, in the fact that you are not creating something, but you are changing a piece of work that was already created to tell your story.

Created Visual Assignment

I created a visual assignment this week with the title “Comparing the Past to the Present.” I came up with this idea because there are so many pictures around the house hanging up that my sisters are posing the same as my mother that age and I thought it would make a great visual assignment for people to make. I gave it a 2 star rating because, it is not a very difficult assignment but it may require people to use some software in order to put the pictures together.


I did complete this assignment, I did a comparison of photos between my sister Merritt and my mother. They were both about 3 years old when the picture was taking. Since my sister and I are around the same age, seeing this photo brings back memories of when were that young and just all the enjoyable times we had when we were very young.

Creating this was not very difficult I just took the two photos, and I were able to use some software on my computer to put them together to make them look like one photo. I know my parents like to have us poss for pictures like they did when they were younger. I am sure our family is not the only one who does this, so this assignment gives students a chance to show different photos that each family has that are similar to their parents.

My Mom and My Sister

My Mother                            My Sister

Created Video Assignment!

The first assignment that I have created this week is a video assignment. The title of the assignment is “Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel.” For the assignment students are suppose to create a 30 to 60 second highlight reel of their actor or actress’s favorite scenes from movies. I rated this assignment at 3 stars because it is not a very difficult assignment if someone is used to use software to create videos. But for those students who are not familiar with how to use the different tools and software to put videos together, this could be a challenging assignment.



I did complete this assignment, for me it was not very difficult and fun to put movie scenes together. I am very familiar with the movie software now and I know my way around the program in order to create this video. I can see thought, anyone who is just beginning out with video software this assignment could have some challenges. I did have fun creating this assignment and I think it turned out great.

One of my favorite actors is Gerard Butler, I think he is a very talented actor and can play a variety of roles from comedy to action. I have seen a lot of his movies and every single one I have seen, he has not disappointed. I have even seen some of his work with animated movies in How to Train Your Dragon. I also think he is a very funny actor he has a few comedies that he did great in. Every time one of his movies comes out I know it is going to be a great movie. That is what I tried to capture with this highlight reel, the variety of great roles he has played in from comedy, hero, and even the bad guy.

Shia LaBeouf Transformation! – (4 Stars)

For this assignment, we had to take movie clips of one actor/actress and put them together to show the transformation the actor/actress went through their life and career. Creating this video was not very difficult but time consuming. It was difficult to find the right movie clips in order to show the transformation that I wanted to show. I used Windows Live Movie Maker in order to create this assignment. There was no trouble putting it together Movie Maker had everything I needed to cut down the clips and put them together.

I chose to do the transformation on Shia LaBeouf, I know a lot of his movies and shows that he did, so I thought it would be easier to create with an actor that I was familiar with. Also, I really enjoy a lot of his movies and his show “Even Stevens.” One of my favorite movie series is the Transformers Series. He is a great actor and has tons of great movies, he also has made a great transition from child actor to an adult actors with all of his works. I remember when I was a kid I use to watch “Even Stevens” all the time it was one of my favorite shows and it just brings back great memories of my childhood and all the great shows that the Disney Channel use to have. I liked how the video turned out and I think it really helps show the transformation of Shia LaBeouf’s career while also showing the traits that make him great actor.

10 Second Mashup of My Favorite Songs! – (3 Stars)

In this assignment, we had to create a mashup of our favorite songs within 10 seconds and have people guess what they are. It was very easy to make this all I had to do was get the songs off of YouTube and download them to my computer. Then from there I just added them into Audacity, and then I kept parts of the song that when people listen to they would be able to understand what song it was. One part that was challenging was finding my favorite songs, I really had to think about it for a few minutes and decided what songs were really my favorite of all time.

The mashup consists of four songs, in about 1 to 2 second segments. I tried to take parts of the song that would be easily recognizable to anyone who listened. I feel like that most of the songs are pretty popular and it would be easy for listeners to figure out what songs they are. I chose some of my all time favorite songs. I never get tired of listening to these songs and they all bring back memories of when I first heard them and who I was with. Some of these songs I used right before I play basketball and some are used while I am walking to class or driving. But, no matter how much time passes by these are some of my all time favorite songs.

Music Mash!! – (3 Stars)

When I saw this assignment, I knew wanted to do this one. We had to put different clips of music and sound effects together. The process to create this was fun and simple, I am very familiar with Audacity, and it was fun to play around with the music and sound effects. Every time I use Audacity, I am able to pick up new techniques that make it much easier to create and edit the music.

I wanted the music mashup to be uptempo and songs people would know. I combined some AC/DC songs TNT and You Shook Me All Night. I also added in some sound effects one of a motorcycle taking off and a gun being shot. I also added some popular songs from today’s music. I added Come With Me Now  by the KONGOS and Drunk In Love by Beyonce. I didn’t really want to overlap the songs because it would make it more difficult to hear the songs, so I decided to find common words the songs had and interconnect them like that.

I am a huge fan of music, I love listening to all types of music EXCEPT country. I use of all types of music for different aspects, Rock’N’Roll and Hip-Hop for getting pumped for sports events. I will listen all types of music while I am walking to class or driving somewhere. No matter if it is a woman or man singing as long as I enjoy it, I will listen to it. Music is a great storytelling tool to show how the songwriter feels and the music can connect to the listeners emotions. Overall, I am very please with with how my music mashup was put together and I hope everyone enjoys it.


Tutorial For Assignment:

The process to create this is not very difficult. I use Audacity to edit and put the music and sound effects together. Any of the music I use I get off of YouTube.

Step 1:

Take the song you want to import into Audacity. Copy the URL link of the song from YouTube. Then Paste the URL into YouTube MP3 converter. Then click “Convert Video” and then click the download button wait for the song to download into your computer files.

tutorial 1

Step 2:

After it downloads, go to your computer files and find the “Downloads” folder and scroll through until you find the name of the song. After you find the file click on it and drag it into the Audacity and the song should just load in and you are ready to edit it. You can also continue to add in more music in sound effects the same way through the YouTube converter.

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Step 3: 

In Audacity, you can delete sections of a song and connect them along with other songs, there is a tutorial online that explains all of the tools Audacity has and how to use them. After you complete your project, click “file” and then “Save Project as.” This only saves the project in Audacity. To save the project into your computer so you can upload it, click on “File” and then “Export Audio.” From here you choose where you want to save the music file, for me I put it under “music” in my computer drive.

Tutorial 4


Step 4:

After saving it to your computer you can then upload it to Soundcloud, Login into your account in Soundcloud then click the “upload” button. After that you click on “choose a file” then you will go into your computer files and click on wherever you saved it in your computer. After that you can add tags and a title once it is done processing, click “Save.” Then you can go find your track on your account and you are Done!

Tutorial 5

Remixing with Popcorn

In this assignment we had to remix a video and add our own aspects in it of where we thought Alan should go on vacation. I used the Popcorn Maker software in order to remix the video. This assignment was very difficult and time consuming for me, and the software was very difficult to use. It was really hard to learn on how to add stuff and also timing it up with certain areas of the video. After a few hours of playing around with the software, I started to understand how it worked and it became to easier to remix the video.

When it came to the assignment itself, when it came to the images that I chose to add into the video, I wanted them to be unique and funny. I wanted images that would surprise people when they watched it. As for the vacation spot I chose Paris, France, there was no particular reason for this vacation spot, to be honest it was the first place that popped into my head. When it came to the music I wanted something that was old school and very popular. Overall, this assignment was very difficult and did take a while to figure out how to use the software, but I feel it could be useful with the other assignments.

Where Alan Should Go On Vacation!!!!!

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